· Review the equipment within the facility to determine the efficiency of the              layout and use of equipment.

· Review of Layout of existing processing, storage, production and support      equipment for maximum use of space and resources.

· Analysis of Ambient temperature conditions and distribution control.

· Monitor Cooling within the racks including temperature entering and leaving       the hardware.

· Fresh air makeup and/or supply from building system

· Evaluation of Air-flow patterns (temperature and humidity), including air-flow      velocity and distribution to and through cabinets, and potential for minimizing          energy usage.

· Efficiency and Reliability of Cooling, Humidification Control and heating      equipment.

· Determination of actual Heat loads throughout the facility, including cold and             hot aisle loads, and cross-contamination.

· Airborne particles (count and analysis).

· Air-conditioning filtration.

· Air-conditioning plant (internal to computer room and support elements       remote  to data center).

· Review of Ducting for supply air, return air, and make-up air.

· Ceiling void, floor void and interstitial surfaces.

· Contamination within space, including hardware, storage library, and review of                 air pressure to control contaminates.

· Examination of Fire detection and protection for uptime reliability and protection.

· Determination of Water leakage notification and control conditions and requirements.


· Review of the entire center power supply for efficiency and reliability.

· Investigation of the support backup power systems, including analysis of single paths of failure.

· Examination of Static electricity potential at processing equipment.

· Study Harmonics/nonlinear loading and control.

· Assessment of Grounding systems, both for the processing equipment and for the entire electrical distribution system.

· Review of power distribution systems loading and multi-path distribution, including elimination of single points of failure.

· Review of the building surge protection, from the entrance point to the equipment racks.

· Inspection of the media storage areas for protection against fire and other hazards.

· Review the building structure including seismic and fire protection, as well as equipment Stability. 

· Study of magnetic fields including EMI due to outside and inside influences.

· Review Noise and Vibration levels which might influence operations of the facility and equipment.

· Signal Strength and Routing and Potential Interference

· Study of Light levels and efficiency.

· Analysis of Gas contamination, including in the Battery rooms.

· Examination of Equipment and Rack Stability    


The following Real Time Monitoring is available if required:

· Power survey

· Air-condition survey.

· Thermal Patterns Surveys

The following is a list of items available as a service provided by C/TEC in a technical audit of existing technical facilities.